Today, I ate lunch at 2 pm and went to work on the edging chart for the Mermaid Gloves. It’s complicated, because it doesn’t look like the finished product – there are some double yarn overs that temporarily increase the stitch count, but block out to not actually affect the finished appearance. I must have swatched and recharted it a dozen times, and finally gave up on charting, just knit, and then charted off my swatch.

Then DH came home early – he’s been sick, so he didn’t spend a full day in the lab. He went to work on the shawl he’s knitting (I am amazed at how fast he’s progressing as a knitter – he started three weeks ago). We were knitting in tandem while watching random noise on TV – and then I looked at the clock, and it’s 10 pm and I haven’t even thought about dinner.


At least I made plenty of progress on the pattern! It should be ready for test knitting by Friday.