Today I have learned something.  Well, two things, really, but since one of the things I learned was that, despite majoring in math, I still can’t count, I think I can get away with using the singular instead of the plural:

  1.  My gauge is not the same when I use laceweight yarn as it is when I use sock yarn.
  2. Once I’ve discovered that #1 is true, all the other math needs to be changed – including the number of stitches cast on.
  3. It is better to realize #2 is true before I have two full repeats done.

And apparently I still haven’t figured out this counting thing, because that was three things, not two.  On the bright side, at least I know my chart works!

I think the whole problem here stems from trying to design a pattern in the middle of the night.  In general, if I can’t sleep, there’s a reason – and that means that I have no business doing anything intellectually challenging.  Reading young adult grrrl power books from my childhood that I’ve read a thousand times before?  Yes.  Designing a pair of gloves with not one but two lace patterns – true lace patterned on right and wrong side, not right side only – no.

Also, I think I may have made a mistake in choosing to knit these gloves on DPNs.   The lace pattern for these gloves is forcing me to move my stitches around every few rows to work the decreases properly, and as much as I hate magic loop, it may wind up being the easiest way to keep track of where I am in the pattern.